Youth and Family Ministry Uniteens Program

Uniteens Program Serves Children in Grades 6 - 8

Our Uniteens are engaged in a variety of curriculum resources that follow the format of a Living Curriculum.

The focus of our curriculum is to create experiences that:

  • Explore Jesus as a human being who lived and is the example of God moving in and through us.
  • Help young people know that they are inherently good and have choices regarding how they can "show up" in life.

Preteens are going through physical and emotional changes. They can be unpredictable as they attempt to move into adulthood while still drawn by things in their childhood. They are exploring who they are, and their peers are significant.


Uniteen Retreats

In the fall and spring of each year, our weekend Uniteen retreats allow young people to grow spiritually, socialize and build new and meaningful friendships.

Each weekend retreat includes activities for large and small groups, team building, crafts, free-time sports, singing, meditation, dancing, prayer, fun, and fellowship. 

The children are accompanied by chaperones active in our Youth and Family Ministry throughout the retreats.