World Day of Prayer

Prayer comes in many forms and Unity Spiritual Center will be exploring new and wonderful ways to pray on this very special Unity World Day of Prayer.  Join people all over the world to pray for peace in our country as well as our neighbors across the globe.

The sanctuary will be open 24 hours starting at 7:00 p.m. Sept 13 straight through Sept 14 at 8:00 p.m.  Parents are encouraged to bring their whole family to experience how change in the world is possible through the power of prayer.

Event will include activities such as:

  • Live streaming from Unity Village
  • Candlelight peace walk
  • Prayer stations offering mandala making, a world map for the peaceful traveler, children's crafts, Eye of God meditative crafts, origami peace cranes, centering prayer and more
  • 24 hour prayer vigil with prayer lists
  • Crystal bowl meditation
  • Labyrinth walk
  • Drumming/Meditative movement
  • Interfaith prayers
  • Live music

CLICK HERE to see a schedule of our events for the 2017 World Day of Prayer