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A positive spiritual lifestyle involves more than just attending weekly services. It is also about creating a community through loving service as we allow our inner light to shine. We build relationships based on our Unity teachings and principles by sharing our unique talents and gifts.

At Unity Spiritual Center, we understand the sacred responsibility we all share to make a positive difference through personal example and sacred service in our communities and our world. Serving others supports you in deepening your spiritual understanding, practicing your spiritual teachings and principles with those committed to spiritual maturity, and embracing our total connectedness to one another. Together, we can co-create a world that works for all!

We have a dynamic Sacred Service program and would love to support you in finding your place as we build a vibrant and growing community.

Did you know that Sacred Service is an important part of our community at USC?

  • Unity Principle #5
    Knowing and understanding the laws of life, also called Truth, are not enough. A person must also live the Truth that he or she knows.
  • One of USC’s Core Values
  • USC Vision Statement
    We are love in action honoring the Divine within all.
  • Membership Commitment

There are many opportunities for you to say “YES” to what is yours to do!  Contact the Team Leader of the group you are interested in for more information on how your special talents can serve USC. 

Audio Visual - Michele Coles,

Board of Trustees President - Greg Skuderin,

Building and Grounds - Eileen Spada,

Community Group Facebook page - Michele Coles,

Community Luncheon - Linda Harkless,

Community Outreach (Love in Action) - Linda Szulc,

Correspondence Team - Linda Szulc,

Endowment Fund and Committee - Todd Bartimole,

Event Planning Team - Terri Brewer,

Grateful Gardeners - Diane and Tom Spence,,

Healing Circle - Vivian Bath,

Jewelry and Scarf Sale - Tolisa Mize-Horning, and Sheila Smith-Brewer,

Kitchen Angels - MaryJo Allen,

Labyrinth Team - Jan Casey-Liber,

Loving Librarians - Roberta McLaughlin,

Marketing Team - Shirley MacFarland,

Men’s Group - Ted Brewer,

Metaphysical Musings - Eileen Spada,

Office Angels - Roberta McLaughlin,

Prayer Chaplains - Michele Coles,

Prosperity Planning - Donna Metzger,

Prosperity Visionary - Ted Brewer,

Spiritual Discussion Group - Roberta McLaughlin,

Sunday Counters - Donna Metzger,

Sunday Meditation - John MacFarland,

Sunday Music - Greg Skuderin,

Sunday Platform - Jim Larsen,

Sunday Welcoming - Meredith Hawk,

Sunday Worship - Greg Skuderin,

Technology - Michele Coles,

Website – Cindy Christman,

Wednesday Meditation Service - Roberta McLaughlin,

Weekday Prayer Call - Susan Armstrong,

Youth & Family Services - Kimberly Buehner,