New to Unity Spiritual Center?

We Are a Spiritual Community

We are a center of support for spirit, mind and body that promotes the Unity way of life through teaching spiritual principles and empowering individuals to pursue their own practical spirituality.

We are a spiritual catalyst for organic change that will profoundly affect our individual lives, our spiritual community and our world.

As a spiritual community, Unity has created expanding circles of people who share and care for one another and the greater community.

Unity Spiritual Center supports healing and wholeness through classes, services and activities that involve learning communities, prayer and meditation.

Our spiritual community provides a safe environment that is accepting, nonjudgmental and loving. People from all walks of life gain self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-empowerment, enabling them to expand and express their own possibilities and innate spirituality.

Through the many opportunities available at Unity Spiritual Center, people open to prosperity and abundance in health, finances, relationships and personal growth centered in knowledge of the Way Shower and the Christ within.

In our spiritual community, people learn to exist in peaceful, God-centered states of mind that empower them to demonstrate and achieve their potentials regardless of outer life situations or circumstances.

At Unity Spiritual Center, equality is comprehensive and we embrace diversity, not only in people, but in ideas and thought.