Youth and Family Ministry Sunday Morning Experience

Spiritual Education

Our Spiritual Education for children is available during our 11:00 a.m. Sunday Service on the second through the fifth Sunday of each month. The first Sunday of every month is a multigenerational service, and children are welcome to attend Sunday Service with their families.

Our Sunday morning experience begins with the children gathering in an Opening Circle. We invite families to stay for the Opening Circle, which lasts approximately 15 minutes, before joining Sunday Service in Unity Hall.

Opening Circle is our Youth's Sunday Service. It follows a more relaxed approach than our regular service. We say prayers and have meditation time. We light candles, make up silly movements for the affirmations, and sing joyful songs. We encourage everyone to get to know each other and have some fun.





The Living Curriculum

During our Sunday morning experience, we follow A Living Curriculum in our lesson format. The Living Curriculum offers a self-discovery approach to spiritual life. It uses stories and parables that can come from a book, a movie, the Bible, and even YouTube. We guide the youth with questions and activities, so they may discover what the meaning or relevance of the story is to them. Joy Smith, our YFM Director, has an extensive background in youth education. Joy includes prayer, spirituality, and meditation in her lessons and incorporates yoga, theater, and dance in playful exercises.

We aim to empower youth to fulfill their soul's purpose, support families as their children's prime spiritual educator, and empower a spiritual community to function with unity in diversity.