YFM Director Opening

Unity Spiritual Center is looking for a new Youth and Family Ministry Director

Over the past five years, Scott Gessner has served as a fabulous YFM Director for our youth, and we will miss him when he retires at the end of May.  We know there is a perfect order that is unfolding, and stand in faith that there is another wonderful YFM Director waiting to begin.  Here you will find more information about the position to discern if YOU are that right person.

General Information:

Currently, the Board of Trustees has decided to open this position as an Interim YFM Director.  Not only is Scott retiring, but we will also be hiring a new minister at some point after Rev. Joanne retires on July 31.  We are seeking an Interim YFM Director to serve through December 31, 2020.  At that time, we will evaluate where we are within the transition process, and discern whether it is time to extend the interim position or hire a permanent YFM Director.  The Interim Director can be considered for the permanent position at that time.

This is a paid position which allows up to 16 hours per week.

Over the summer months, the Interim YFM Director will re-establish our YFM Team of teachers and helpers due to inactivity over the past year.  We are planning informal youth activity once or twice per month over the summer with the intention of bringing back our full youth program in September.  That will allow our Interim YFM Director to use the summer months to plan the restart of our program in September.

To review our current YFM Director Job Description, click here.

If you are interested in applying for this position, you can email Rev. Joanne and let her know of your interest.