Daily Community Prayer Call

As a community, we pray together Monday-Friday at 8 a.m.  The entire community is invited to join us for this prayer call which lasts approximately 10 minutes.  Rev. Joanne leads the prayer, and there is no need for you to say anything unless you choose.   The information to call in is:

Call in number-319.527.2704

Access Code:  559110#


Each month we focus on a different prayer.


Prayer for July 2020

In the silence of prayer, I receive inner power, peace and confidence. The presence of God within me is a limitless source of faith, strength and calm. I rest in the knowledge that God is continually guiding me. I am relaxed allowing God’s peace in my life.


Prayer for August 2020

God’s kingdom is an unending source of abundance. I rejoice, giving thanks and acceptance for this bounty. My mind is enriched with Divine ideas of wisdom, inspiration and imagination. My body is blessed with life strengthening vitality. All my needs are met beyond my desires. I prosper in all ways, as I open myself to God’s guiding manifestations.


You will find audio of our most recent prayer calls below.