Sunday Service Message December 29, 2019: Burning Bowl and White Stone Ceremony

Our Thoughts Are Things

As another calendar year draws to a close, many people make “New Year’s Resolutions.”  Losing weight, stopping smoking, stopping drinking, advancing our career, repairing relationships, and travelling are among the most common things people want to change in their lives.  These are all worthwhile goals and deserve our attention and best efforts to achieve them.

Sunday Service Message November 3rd: Moving from End to Beginning

Discovering your soul signature is an on-going process

When we were children, our parents may have sometimes asked us “what did you learn in school today?”  In this sixth  and final lesson the Fall Program series, Discovering Your Soul Signature, based on the book of the same title by Panache Desai, Rev. Joanne asks us to reflect upon what we have learned “in school” the past six weeks of this year’s Fall Program.


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