August 25th Sunday Service Message: Joy Is Our Natural State

Find happiness and joy in this now moment

When we wake up every morning, we have a decision to make – will I approach this day from a place of joy or not?  In his talk Joy Is Our Natural State, guest speaker and Unity Spiritual Center congregant Jeff Hutchinson shows us how we can maintain or reclaim a joyful heart and an appreciation of life based on a foundation of gratitude.

June 30th Sunday Service Message: No Longer Woo-Woo: The Brain & Spirituality

Train your brain for health and spiritual awareness with Rev. Susanna Goulder.

Great sages and spiritual masters throughout history have taught us that humans are equal parts of mind, body, and spirit.  No one can deny the fact that a healthy, vibrant body helps us to think more clearly, focus more sharply and generally to enjoy life more fully. 


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