12 Powers

12 Powers Class
Meeting Monthly in 2018
12:30-1:30 p.m.

This series facilitated by Rev. Joanne Rowden is  based on two required books, The 12 Powers of Man by Charles Fillmore and Power Up by Paul Hasselbeck and Cher Holton.  Every human being has been gifted with all of these powers.  It is up to us to develop and use them.



Class Schedule:

January 7-Faith

February 11-Love

March 4-Strength

April 15-Wisdom

May 6-Power

June 3-Imagination

July 1-Understanding

August 5-Will

September 9-Zeal 

October 7-Order

November 11-Release

December 2-Life

Participants are encouraged to read the corresponding chapters in the required book PRIOR to each class. You are free to join us for all 12 Powers, or drop in as your schedule allows. A Freewill offering will be received.