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9:00am and 11:00am
Nursery Provided
Youth Services 11:00am
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Welcome New Minister
Our services on Sunday morning fill us up with inspiration for the week ahead and re-calibrate our thinking when it has gone awry.  With exquisite music, creative visuals, a positive message, meditation, and shared prayer, people typically emerge from the sanctuary at the conclusion smiling and moving with the joy of Spirit.  More...

Our Sunday Services
New Member Class
Consider being a part of the heart of what we do at unity.
November 18
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Sunday Sunrise Meditation
In the USC Chapel during winter months
(Video Based)
Moment of Inspiration
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Around USC Campus
The Board of Trustees is excited to announce that Reverend Joanne Rowden will become our new minister on November 1,  2014. 
Community Outreach
A powerful multi-sensory, musical experience celebrating our transitional journey from the retirement of Rev. Barbara Smith to the God-inspired selection of Rev. Joanne Rowden.
Saturday, November 22, 2014

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Age-appropriate activities for children 12 and under
Come celebrate the season with Unity Spiritual Center
In Unity we open our hearts at Christmas to the Christ spirit of love, joy, peace and life that was in Jesus, and is within us all.  We become like children as Jesus taught, fully expressing and demonstrating the light of the Christ spirit.  Christmas is a season of the heart where we are invited to birth that divine Christ spirit in all we think, say and do.