Unity Spiritual Center
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9:00am and 11:00am
Nursery Provided
Youth Services 11:00am
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New Members Welcome
Sunday Services
Our services on Sunday morning fill us up with inspiration for the week ahead and re-calibrate our thinking when it has gone awry.  With exquisite music, creative visuals, a positive message, meditation, and shared prayer, people typically emerge from the sanctuary at the conclusion smiling and moving with the joy of Spirit.  More...

New Member Class
Consider being a part of the heart of what we do at unity.
April 26, 2015
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Unity Spiritual Center
23855 Detroit Road
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7:30am - 8:30am
Sunday Sunrise Meditation
In the USC Chapel during winter months
(Video Based)
Moment of Inspiration
(440) 835-1444
Around USC Campus
Rev. Joanne Rowden - Unity Spiritual Center - Westlake
The Board of Trustees along with the entire USC congregation happily welcome Reverend Joanne Rowden to Unity Spiritual Center.
Community Outreach
Welcome Reverend Joanne Rowden
We are a center of support for spirit, mind and body that promotes the Unity way of life through teaching principles and empowering individuals to pursue their own practical spirituality.  more...
A Spiritual Community
Grace image provided by: ashleymorganphotos.com
The focus of Unity should be, not in churches, but in living, not in a way of worship but a way of life.   more...

Unity is not a religion,
it’s a way of life
Sunday Services at USC
Expanding our Vision
February 22 - Victim Consciousness: Life Happens to me

March 1 - Manifestor Consciousness: Life Happens by me

March 8 - Channel Consciousness: Life Happens through me

March 22 - Being Consciousness: Life Happens as me

The spiritual laws of the universe are waiting to work for you.
4-Week Series with Rev. Joanne
Based on the Life-Visioning Process of
Michael Bernard Beckwith
The spiritual laws of the universe are waiting to work for you.  Join Rev. Joanne as she introduces:
February 22   Expanding Our Vision:  To Me

March 1   Expanding Our Vision:  By Me

March 8   Expanding Our Vision:  Through Me

March 15    Guest Speaker, Rev. Kelly Isola

March 29    Palm Sunday
Sunday Service
Audio & Blog
with Rev. Joanne
Friday, April 3rd
7:30 AM - 9:00 PM
Stop in whenever you can.
Stay as long as you need.