We are an Inclusive Community

Unity Spiritual Center Westlake is an inclusive spiritual community.  You are honored here and we welcome, affirm and uphold you as a unique expression of God.  We appreciate how the One Presence expresses in wondrous diversity.  We welcome into our spiritual community individuals of every ethnicity, language, age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, economic status, occupation and faith background.  We honor all committed relationships and families and welcome anyone with a genuine desire to celebrate, grow, transform and serve with us.
Unity Spiritual Center is a safe space in which you are welcome to pray, worship and be in community with us.  Our practical, spiritual teachings empower abundant and meaningful living.  We know prayer works!  We help people develop a deeper connection with God. 
At Unity Spiritual Center, we know that each of us is responsible for making a positive difference in the world by being an example and role model of the teachings that Jesus shared.  Together, we hold the vision to be love in action, honoring the Divine within all.

One Humanity. Many Stories. 

We have a community with many different stories and backgrounds. We hope you enjoy these videos featuring members of our beloved spiritual community sharing bravely, deeply, and personally.