Unity World Day of Prayer 2024


World Day of Prayer 2024

31th Annual Unity World Day of Prayer!

Wednesday, September 11, to Thursday, September 12, 2024.


The 2024 theme is Moving Mountains.

The 2024 affirmation is: Fueled by faith, I can move mountains.

The 2024 Guiding Prayer is:

Taking this time to align with Source energy, I breathe into the awareness of our divine potential and allow for magnificent Truth to declare, My faith moves mountains.

At various times in my life, through the evolution of my consciousness, I may be faced with tenuous circumstances. I may be caught up in the swirling experience of chaos, confusion, and unease. Through the power of prayer, I realign with the origin of my divine being and invite calm, organized thoughts that redirect the focus of my energy to become productive and life-affirming.

Activating the power of faith, I am aware of the activity of God always moving forward, upward to a higher vibration of creation. I know this activity is working for my highest good. I am filled with mighty faith. This Truth allows me to direct my actions with clarity and confidence.

I know what mine is to do, and I do it with ease. I rest easily when it is time to wait, and I stride boldly when it is time to move forward.

Filled with mighty faith, I move mountains to bring about my highest and best expression in all facets of my life. My highest thought comes easily and creates space for healing, greater wisdom, and unconditional love to be expressed through me in my every word, thought, and deed.

Aligned in faith, I declare that no thought, no one, and nothing has the power to tamper with that which I am cocreating with Source.

I affirm that I am strong enough to endure the uncomfortable, the uncertain, the undefined, and rejoice in gratitude for what is now my highest good and what is in process of becoming.

For it is now, in this time, in this place, in this unity with the one power and one presence that I declare it as good.

And so, it is. Amen.

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