Unity Responds Opioid Epidemic

Unity Spiritual Center Westlake is committed to our 5th principle which asks us to live the Truth we know.  Unity Responds is a quarterly forum focusing on social issues which challenge us to respond in positive and practical ways.  Each quarterly forum will include a takeaway of simple action YOU can take to make a difference.  Everyone is welcome to attend.

June 7, 2018 - 7:00p.m. The Opioid Epidemic

Thomas Stuber, President and CEO of the LCADA Way and an Adjunct Professor of Addiction Counseling at LCCC and Ashland University will present a conversation on the opioid epidemic.  He will discuss the impact of addiction in the community, and the science of addiction and how it impacts the individual.  In addition, he will share how treatment works and what is necessary for recovery.  Finally, he will offer suggestions on what families can do.  

A freewill offering will be received.  All proceeds will be shared with The LCADA Way.

Thomas Stuber, President and CEO of The LCADA Way and an Adjunct Professor of Addiction Counseling at LCCC and Ashland University. He holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and an MBA. He completed post-graduate training at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland and The Johnson Institute in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He started his career in Addictions in 1980 at The Lakeland Institute and has remained in addictions for 37 years always working to do himself out of a job by finally resolving the impact that addiction has on individuals, families, and the community. Obviously, the job is not yet done. He returned to Lorain County to head up The LCADA Way in 1999. At the onset of the Opiate Epidemic, they have been focused on developing effective services and models of care to address the needs of those addicted and their families. These services include the first Ambulatory Detox Program in the area, including the use of the Bridge, Medication Assisted Treatment, Opiate specific research-based curriculums, and through partnerships Recovery Housing with Day Treatment Services. Tom also serves on many committees and Boards throughout the state, he is an officer of the Ohio Alliance of Recovery Providers. And he loves being back in Lorain County.