Unity Responds Depression as a Choice

Unity Spiritual Center Westlake is committed to our 5th principle which asks us to live the Truth we know.  Unity Responds is a quarterly forum focusing on social issues which challenge us to respond in positive and practical ways.  Each quarterly forum will include a take-away of simple action YOU can take to make a difference.  Everyone is welcome to attend.

November 8, 2018  7:00 p.m. - Depression as a Choice

Rev. Kimberly Ann will provide a brief overview of living with depression.  She will also share the 6 pillars of life (health, wellness, spirituality, career, finances, and relationships) as well as how we violate and support our values.  In addition, information on how to overcome depression and live a depression-free life will be presented.  You can choose happiness, peace, love, and joy as you learn what triggers you and discover that life is a journey and not a destination.

A freewill offering will be received and shared with Fieldstone Farm Therapeutic Riding Center.

Rev. Kimberly Ann is a Certified Professional Coach with Yes I Kann, LLC. She is the author of the book "Depression As A Choice". She volunteers with Cleveland Clinic Hospice and Fieldstone Farm Therapeutic Riding Center. Kimberly was raised Lutheran but her life path has led her to a more spiritual view and she welcomes all denominations in her nondenominational ministry of helping others break free from depression.