Unity Responds

Unity Spiritual Center Westlake is committed to our 5th principle which asks us to live the Truth that we know.  Unity Responds is a quarterly forum focusing on social issues which challenge us to respond in positive and practical ways.  Each quarterly forum will include a take-away of simple action YOU can take to make a difference.  Everyone is welcome to attend!
Gender Equality:

Learn the difference between the terms "sex" and "gender"

Sex and gender - two words that for many people have always been interchangeable. But what if they are two sides of the same coin rather than the coin itself? Two elements to a single entity that creates different facets of a whole. What does that really mean for identity and expression as we know them? Harmony Moon, public speaker, sex educator, and outspoken transperson, brings her expertise and perspective to Unity Spiritual Center. With transgender politics becoming an increasingly common talking point, Harmony hopes an open discussion with an emphasis on Q & A about queer terminology, trans experiences, and gender as an overarching concept will dissolve misunderstandings on the subject.

Program begins at 7 pm.  Love offerings will be gratefully accepted.  

Stay tuned for more Unity Responds events next year!