Sustainable Prosperity 2.0

Image of leaf and coinsSustainable Prosperity 2.0

A freewill offering will be received at each class.

Sustainable Prosperity 2.0 supports you in transforming your prosperity consciousness over 11 classes which will meet monthly on Thursday evening from 7pm-9pm.

Through this course, you will not only study the spiritual principles of prosperity consciousness, you will also receive practical tools to examine your own money situation in depth, to discover your core values, to create an action plan for demonstrating your intentions, and to move through the process of forgiveness.

This class is intended to take you deeper into the practical applications of prosperity principles than Sustainable Prosperity 1.0 did. If you are ready to do the work and fully transform your prosperity consciousness, this is the class for you! There are no prerequisites required.

Facilitated by Rev. Joanne.