Sustainable Prosperity

Image of leaf and coinsSustainable Prosperity

Materials at a cost of $62 will be required. 
A freewill offering will be received at each class.

Unity Spiritual Center practices and teaches the spiritual laws of prosperity and abundance. This full-year program will support you in integrating the spiritual laws of prosperity into your financial life.

This unique program integrates the spiritual teachings of prosperity and abundance with their practical application in your everyday life. Over the course of an entire year, you will totally transform your relationship with money and your understanding of prosperity.

Why a year? Many times prosperity is taught over a series of weeks. However, often once the class is complete, the lessons learned are quickly forgotten. By practicing the Presence of God in your finances for an entire year, you will have an opportunity to totally transform your daily experience until you are living in prosperity consciousness.

Please note that this class will close to new participants after the second class meeting. 



Monthly Class Schedule:

Thursday class meets from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Sunday class meets from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Class 1:  Introduction

 Sunday, Januarys 21 or Thursday, January 25

Class 2:  It's not about tithing
 Sunday, February 18 or Thursday, February 22

Class 3:  Your cultural relationship with money
Sunday, March 18 or Thursday, March 22

Class 4:  Money as energy and your nondiscretionary spending
Sunday, April 29 or Thursday, April 26

Class 5:  Your values
Sunday, May 20 or Thursday, May 31

Class 6:  Your desire, intention and thought
Sunday, July 8  or Thursday, July 5

Class 7:  Faith through knowing
Sunday, July 29 or Thursday, August 2

Class 8:  Fear, lack, scarcity and values-based allocation of money
Sunday, August 26 or Thursday, August 30

Class 9:  Forgiving and releasing
Sunday, September 30 or Thursday, October 4

Class 10:  Gratitude, miracles and grace
Sunday, October 28 or Thursday, October 25

Class 11:  Setting generous giving goals
Sunday, December 9 or Thursday, December 6

For more information, call the USC office at 440-835-0400.