Sunday Services

During the time of our Fall Program, the entire community focuses on our book during Sunday services as well as in the small group studies.  Even if you are unable to attend a small group study, you can follow along on Sundays.  If you are unable to be here in person, livestreaming is now available!  Our weekly themes include:

Week 1 (Sept 24): Ask Yourself This To Grow Spiritually
Homecoming: Awaken the Soul Sunday
Book Study:  Chapter 1
Power:  Power
Color:  Purple


Week 2 (Oct 1): Ask Yourself This To Know Yourself Better
Book Study:  Chapter 2
Power:  Understanding
Color:  Gold



Week 3 (Oct 8): Ask Yourself This To Grow Personally
Book Study:  Chapter 3
Power:  Strength
Color:  Spring Green



Week 4 (Oct 15): Ask Yourself This To Build a Happier and More Meaningful Life
Book Study:  Chapter 4
Power:  Life
Color:  Red



Week 5 (Oct 22): Ask Yourself This To Improve Your Relationships
Book Study:  Chapter 5
Power:  Imagination
Color:  Sky Blue



Week 6 (Oct 29): Ask Yourself This To Release Your Inner Genius
Book Study:  Chapter 6
Power:  Release
Color:  Russet



Week 7 (Nov 5): Ask Yourself This To Be More Successful
Book Study:  Chapter 7
Power:  Will
Color:  Silver



Each Sunday service has one of our 12 Powers and its associated color as a focus for the week.  You are encouraged to wear something with that week's color when you attend Sunday services.