Sunday Services

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The Ten Commandments in Unity

Unity’s metaphysical approach to the bible allows us to see scripture from a new perspective.  Over the summer months, Unity Spiritual Center will explore the Ten Commandments from a new perspective.  The traditional Thou shalt not will be reframed into positive statements of spiritual living.  These Ten Commandments in Unity will shift your experience from following a moral code of righteousness to daily demonstrating your Divine Christ essence.  Come join us for this elevating conversation.  

June 25 - Be loyal to One God

July 2   -  Bear His Image in thy Heart

July 9   - Faith with Rev. Carole Mullins

July 16 - Rev. Susanna Goulder-Always Speak Words of Truth

July 23 - Keep Every Moment Sacred

July 30 - Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star-Do You Know How Loved You Are

Aug 6   - Honor and Love all Men

Aug 13 - Behold Life in its Fullness

Aug 20 - Be Pure in Mind and Deed

Aug 27 - Be Honest and Fair

Sep 3    - Be True and Faithful

Sep 10  - Rejoice in Prosperity

In 2017, we invite you to Dare to be the Light!