Sunday Services

Youth and Family Ministry

ALL YOUTH ARE WELCOME to join the USC Youth & Family Ministry this Sunday, Nov. 29 at 10 a.m. in the Community Zoom Room as we begin the Advent Series: I Believe Even When….  Following Opening Circle, we will divide into two sessions: Preschool/ Elementary and Uniteens/Y.O.U. The intention of the lessons is to understand that no matter what happens in our lives, we can have hope because the Spirit of God is always within us, guiding us. When we are unsure of ourselves, we can turn to the Christ within and find that our Christ light will guide us.

FAMILY PRACTICE: Hope means believing something could happen and being confident that it will. The Christmas movie classic, A Charlie Brown Christmas, embodies hope. After viewing, discuss what is Charlie Brown’s hope, what almost causes him to lose hope and how is his hope restore


Sunday Advent Series, I Believe Even When...

The history of humanity is fraught with pain–especially the pain that comes accompanied by fear and leads to oppression and violence of one people against another. This is the world into which Jesus was born and through which his teachings would challenge and call for transformation. The opening words of a poem by an anonymous Jewish poet, “I believe in the sun, even when the sun is not shining,” were scrawled on a wall during the Holocaust. (Remainder of poem shown below) These words of hope will be carried with us through this Advent season as we affirm and act on reasons why we can still "believe even when."

Sunday, November 29 - I Believe in the Sun: Hope for Tomorrow

Sunday, December 6 - I Believe in Love: Daring Right Relationship

Sunday, December 13 - I Believe in God: Ode to Joy

Sunday, December 20 -I Believe in the Light: Illuminating Peace


Christmas 2020

Thursday, December 24 - Christmas Eve Service, 5 p.m.

Sunday, December 27 - Burning Bowl Service, 11 a.m.




I Believe in the Sun

“I believe in the sun

even when it is not shining

And I believe in love,

even when there’s no one there.

And I believe in God,

even when he is silent.


I believe through any trial,

there is always a way

But sometimes in this suffering

and hopeless despair

My heart cries for shelter,

to know someone’s there

But a voice rises within me,

saying hold on my child,

I’ll give you strength,

I’ll give you hope.

Just stay a little while.


I believe in the sun

even when it is not shining

And I believe in love

even when there’s no one there

But I believe in God

even when he is silent

I believe through any trial

there is always a way.


May there someday be sunshine

May there someday be happiness

May there someday be love

May there someday be peace….”

– Unknown