Sunday Services

Come on Home! We survived Covid as a church family with live stream Sunday Services and activities in our Connecting in Community Zoom Room. We came home May 2, 2021, on a beautiful warm, sunny spring morning. Click here to view pictures of our reopening ceremony.

The 11 a.m. Service will continue to be live-streamed. Please click here for options to join.

The first Sunday of every month is a multigenerational service and youth are invited to attend Sunday Service with their families. On other Sundays, youth are invited to join the Youth and Family Ministry program in the Spirit Room at 11 a.m. Activities include yoga, theater, dance, and art.

Our Prayer Chaplains will be available after Sunday Service on-site to pray with you one on one.

Join us for fellowship and lemonade in the Community Room after Sunday Service.

You can find our video archives of past Sunday services by visiting our YouTube page.

If you prefer a written summary, visit our Blog page. Click on the words "Read More" below the video. The blog contains the Sunday message, the Scripture verse, and Spiritual Practice.


Youth and Family Ministry

October 31: All Youth Are Welcome to join the Youth and Family Ministry Sunday in the Spirit Room at 11:00 a.m. We are celebrating the power of Imagination and Halloween! Everyone is invited to wear a costume to show their imagination.


The intention of the lessons is to learn that everything begins with a dream, an idea or imagination. We can use this amazing power of imagination to create our heart's desire, surmount any difficulty, and create the life of our dreams, We have a story to share, some Halloween treats, a few Halloween songs and games of imagination.

Family Practice: Is there something very creative you can do as a family? Could you bake some crazy-looking cookies, write a story together or go cloud glazing outside or even through a window if the weather doesn't allow it? What is your unique way to join with your family in an imaginative activity?


Prayer and Fellowship

Fellowship after service is back in the Community Room. Join us for lemonade and conversation. Prayer Chaplains will be available on-site to pray with you one on one.


Welcome Rev. Shepherd, Oct. 31

We welcome Rev. Karen Shepherd with her message on Unstuck and Unstoppable, Chapters 16 and 17. Zeal creates a learner mindset in which the freedom of spirit is released generating courage, optimism, and enthusiasm. Life is the spiritual energy that propels all form into action. 

Rev. Shepherd began her life-long study of yoga and metaphysics as a teenager. She began her study of Unity Truth Principles under the guidance of the Revs. George and Winifred Hausman in 1981. She continued her studies under the direction of Reverend Joan Gattuso (1987 - 2010). Her studies led her to become a Prayer Practitioner in 2002 and a Licensed Unity Teacher in 2007. She enrolled in the Unity Urban Ministerial School in 2012 and was ordained in 2014. Rev. Shepherd received approval from the Board of Trustees of Unity Worldwide Ministries to operate her Unity Good Shepherd Ministries as an Alternative Unity Ministry. She maintains an active role in Unity ministry as a guest speaker, workshop leader, wedding and funeral officiant in local Unity ministries.


Fall Program Lineup and Spiritual Practices

September 26: Laverne Wilson  The Way of True Power  Chapters 1 to 3. We are inherently resilient. The great work of our life is to evolve our natural-born resilience into its full divine potential. The universal spiritual principles that form our foundation from maximizing our spiritual potential are the keys to life mastery.  Spiritual Practice: For the next week, say “no” to thoughts that no longer serve you and say “yes” to thoughts that are life enhancing. Each day affirm, “I am the radiant light of God blessing myself and others.” Make it your mantra and notice your energy.

October 3: Laverne Wilson  Spiritual Apprenticeship  Chapters 4 & 5. An apprentice seeks a master and enters into a system of training.  Apprenticing yourself to the twelve powers promises to fortify you to meet and overcome the challenges of life victoriously. Spiritual Practice: When we work with the 12 Powers, we are working with divine energy. This energy has life, substance, and intelligence and knows what to do. We need to believe in its intelligence and efficacy. This week, give each power grateful and loving attention, observe how it goes to work for you, and journal your experience. 

October 10: Michele Coles  Spiritual Mastery: First Steps  Chapters 6 to 9. Faith gives us the grit to follow our dreams in the face of obstacles and setbacks. Strength empowers us to walk upright in the world, unstopped by fear. Understanding supports us in seeing through circumstances to empowering Truth. Power is the creative energy that fuels us into action. Spiritual Practice: Do one thing this week that you are afraid to do to nourish your power of Faith. Speak your truth when it would seem safer not to, which builds strength. Seek to understand in a situation where you want to be understood to deepen your power of understanding. Take action, just one small step, to move forward in some area of your life to claim your power. Feel your resilience growing and maturing.

October 17: Bruce Price  Spiritual Mastery: Design Stage  Chapters 10 to 12.  Love is a power that heals, harmonizes, and energizes as we access One Love. Imagination allows you to create from the Divine Palette. Wisdom flourishes in the matrix of learning from our experiences and divinely cultivated love and understanding. Spiritual Practice: Mark 9:23 (NRSV) Jesus said to him, “If you are able! All things can be done for the one who believes.”  How often do we hesitate by telling ourselves things like: “I don’t know enough,” “I am not ready,” or “I wouldn’t know where to begin.” Standing in the confidence of faith, let’s have some fun integrating the powers of love, imagination and wisdom to pleasantly surprise someone. Set your intention on kindness and open your heart and mind to recognizing opportunities. Use your wisdom and imagination to create a special moment for someone. Feel free to repeat again and again.

October 24: Michele Coles  Spiritual Mastery: Editing Stage  Chapters 13 to 15. Will empowers us to seek, and then act on divine guidance. Order is sorting out the kind of energy that focuses on the right outcome, action, and priorities. Release can and will erase the life-diminishing beliefs, attitudes, perceptions, and habits from our consciousness. Spiritual Practice: Start your days this week by seeking God’s will. Write down what comes to you, act on it and notice the result. Be acutely present to your thoughts and practice releasing any of them that are life diminishing or self-diminishing. Create a Denial and Affirmation and turn your focus immediately to something else that is useful.

October 31: Karen Shepherd  Unstuck and Unstoppable  Chapters 16 & 17. Zeal creates a learner mindset in which the freedom of spirit is released generating courage, optimism, and enthusiasm. Life is the spiritual energy that propels all form into action.

November 7: Donna Van Oosten  The Empowered Life  Chapters 18 to 20. Passion is the divine fuel of joyous accomplishment and resilience. Discipline allows you to master life rather than it mastering you.