Sunday Service Message November 3rd: Moving from End to Beginning

Discovering your soul signature is an on-going process

When we were children, our parents may have sometimes asked us “what did you learn in school today?”  In this sixth  and final lesson the Fall Program series, Discovering Your Soul Signature, based on the book of the same title by Panache Desai, Rev. Joanne asks us to reflect upon what we have learned “in school” the past six weeks of this year’s Fall Program.

Looking back upon our journeys in life, it is not always obvious how we have arrived at where we are.  Some say that “hindsight is 20/20.”  But even with the benefit of being able to review our actions, we must look at the right things in order to discern the relationship between cause and effect.  One way to do this is to ask questions.  Lots of questions.  The answers we find to our questions, often lead to more questions, and with each layer we uncover, we receive new insights into questions we did not even know to ask about in the first place.

In his book Discovering Your Soul Signature, Panache Desai offers us three times daily readings – morning, afternoon, and evening – over a period of thirty-three days, so that we can have a specific idea to consider as we go about our daily routines.  Following are questions, concepts, or ideas, one from each day, that speak to me most.  I invite you to consider each one separately again, as I will do over the next thirty three days. 

Day 1:  FearEach time today that fear arises within you – and make no mistake, it will arise – make note of it.  Fear is your ground zero.  pg. 6

Day 2:  SadnessWe don’t want to open ourselves to our own sadness.  Who wants to be that vulnerable?  All that loss, that grief, that avalanche of sorrow?  . . . But here’s a radical idea:  The ability to be sad is a blessing.  pg. 11

Day 3:  AngerHow often in life is it true that the only person in the room who knows you are angry is you?  pg. 21

Day 4:  GuiltGuilt is an insidious energy, because it eats away at people.  Sometimes the guilt isn’t even yours.  It’s something that has been conditioned into you by your parents or perhaps a religious institution.  pg. 26

Day 5:  ShameShame and guilt are both born of judgment, but there is a distinction between them:  Shame is silent.  We wear our guilt, and we hide our shame.  pg. 33

Day 6:  Self-JudgmentSelf-judgment is a mental affliction.  Through self-judgment, people are living in their own private hell, every single day.  The doorway out of hell is acceptance.  Acceptance serves as a bridge between heart and mind.  pg. 41

Day 7:  PatternsWhen we discover a pattern, a repetitive cycle in our lives, our first impulse is to try to break it.  But our patterns are there for a reason.  They are meant to teach us something important.  pg. 48

Day 8:  AddictionShine the light of awareness on addiction, and we see it for what it truly is:  distraction.  pg. 55

Day 9:  The EgoIf addiction is distraction, egoic existence is the biggest distraction of them all, because our egos distract us from the greatest truth there is:  We’re all part of the one entity, one expression.  pg. 61

Day 10:  I’m Not Good EnoughAs we saw with shame, transformation, at its essence, is bringing that which remains hidden into awareness. . . . What we are able to illuminate disappears.  pg. 67

Day 11:  Shattering Inner SabotageWe resolve our inner sabotage by dispelling the false evidence, so that we can see the truth of what life is. . . . This happens not through the avoidance of the human condition but rather through being available for every single facet of what it is to be human.  pg. 76

Day 12:  TriggersSay to yourself:  I am not going to move away from this situation because it’s uncomfortable.  The most uncomfortable situations in life hold the greatest potential for growth.  pg. 84

Day 13:  Soulful SurrenderSoulful surrender opens the door to receiving, whatever that receiving might look like.  For some people, the surrender leads to a connection to God.  But what it really amounts to is a moment when you simply can’t manage on your own anymore.  When you stop holding on to how it’s supposed to be.  pg. 91

Day 14:  Change and More Is ComingWe’re frightened of change.  We want a crystal ball.  We want someone to somehow tell us how it’s going to be.  But all the while we’re missing the point, which is that energy is ever-evolving, and change is our way of navigating our own vibrational expansion.  pg. 97

Day 15:  On LightYou are not alone.  There is a light within you that accompanies you every step of the way.  This light is a soft presence. . . . Just for today, tune in to this knowledge that you are not alone.  pg. 105

Day 16:  Roller CoasterThe true skill when it comes to riding the roller coaster [of life] has to do with maintaining a sense of openness to life as it’s happening, instead of trying to control the uncontrollable.  pg. 110

Day 17:  Tracking Our ThoughtsIf our thoughts created our reality, we’d all be in big trouble. . . . Only when a thought is consistently accompanied by a feeling does it yield any control over your life.  pg. 118

Day 18:  HarmonyHarmony is our natural state.  We return to harmony by lovingly beginning to dismantle any and all discord.  We embrace everything and everyone as it is.  pg. 126

Day 19:  Ever-Present TruthWe suffer now for dreams of later – or dreams gone by – instead of recognizing that magnificence is accessible only in each moment. . . . Magnificence, in each moment, is what resides within you.  Magnificence is not a destination.  pg. 133

Day 20:  Authentic TransparencyAuthentic transparency is the essence of “to thine own self be true.” . . . [it] is not about being transparent to other people.  It is, in fact, about being transparent to yourself.  pg. 141

Day 21:  GratitudeEither everything is divine, or nothing is.  And if everything is divine, everything is of God, then the only thing we can do is be grateful for whatever comes.  pg. 149

Day 22:  List of GripesWe’re human – and we all have it in us.  But when we bring our gripes into the light of awareness, that’s the beginning of the end of them.  Gripes are born of victimhood. . . . When we’re in the energy of victimhood, we do this (gripe) all the time. . . . What are the benefits?  There aren’t any.  pg. 156.

Day 23:  UnfoldingAs you are being asked to do something daunting, know that the solution has already been born inside you.  All that is required is that you take the first step – then each successive step after that.  Without taking these steps, it isn’t possible to move forward.  pg. 167

Day 24:  HumilityHumility is having the courage to embrace all that you are.  To accept the fullness of all that you are.  To allow yourself to accept all that the Divine has in store for you.  pg. 176

Day 25:  Meditation on a Blank CanvasImagine before you a blank canvas.  Really look at the blank canvas.  Be in harmony with it.  What if this blank canvas – expanding out into infinity – is your true nature?  If you’re a blank canvas, then everything is possible.  pg. 179

Day 26:  Being HumanPart of your job in being human is to remove all of the external voices telling you who you are. . . . Once we’ve stripped away all of those labels and gotten back to the blank canvas, we can also return to the simplicity of hearing our own still, small voice within.  pg. 186

Day 27:  Infinite OceanAt the deepest level in every mystical tradition and religion, there is a knowledge that the Divine is infinite, and it is perhaps a defining crisis of our times that each religion believes itself to have purchase on that particular infinite. . . . But the very first step – and the key to everyone coming together on this planet – is the understanding that God is a way of talking about the infinite energy that surrounds and embraces us all.  pg. 194

Day 28:  Tools and TechnologiesEvery one of us has access to our own toolbox.  Just as a piano tuner brings with him the instruments of his trade – tuning lever, tip wrench, mutes – so do we have our own special tools to remind ourselves that we are in tune with life.  pg. 202

Day 29:  MessengersGod talks to us in a myriad of ways.  Just imagine if we were able to live our lives, holding the constant, ever-present awareness that everyone we encounter is a messenger.  Each person who crosses our path has something to contribute to us – whether or not we like the way it feels in the moment.  pg. 204

Day 30:  Accelerate Your AbilityThe more you navigate your life vibrationally, the more you accelerate your ability to excel in every area of your life and to connect with others.  Once you understand this, it’s as if you’ve taken the red pill in The Matrix.  You know there’s more.  You know you’re more.  pg. 213

Day 31:  Be the ChangeIf you come into harmony with yourself and vibrate from that out into the world, you are de facto change.  It’s not about magnitude.  It’s not about the grand nature of the contribution externally.  If you gather up all the parts of yourself and love them, that love becomes contagious.  pg. 218

Day 32:  Being an InstrumentArt flows through great artists. . . . They forgo their egoic needs in order to harness the power of the soul.  We cannot understand or undergo this experience with our minds.  It simply cannot be understood that way.  All great things are born of the heart.  pg. 223

Day 33:  LoveJust for today, focus on the way you love yourself.  This is not a selfish thing to do.  On the contrary:  It is the greatest gift you can offer to everyone in your life.  The more your are filled with love, the more you can be available to everyone around you in a spacious, gracious way.  pg. 231

As you consider each of these thirty-three ideas, I encourage you to look for opportunities to apply what you are learning.  Someone famous once said, “Seek and ye shall find . . .”


And from his [Christ’s] fulness have we all received, grace upon grace . . .  John 1:16

Spiritual Practice:

You are invited to create your own spiritual practice around this week’s focus.  You could set the intention to ask a better question . . . what would your question be?  You could choose one habit that keeps you from fully realizing your Divine self and make the choice to stop!  You get to choose and you get to take the steps to accomplish it.

Greg Skuderin