Spiritual Exploration Series

Spiritual Exploration Series

Explore Your Spirituality and Transform Your Life!

Our Spiritual Exploration Series is designed to share tools for spiritual transformation on many enlightening topics by various teachers. Each class is just 2 hours and provides you with an opportunity to gain insight into practical ideas you can put into practice to shift into your greatest good.

These classes will be offered throughout the year with a variety of dates and times from which to choose. Find one or more that interests you, and invest in your spiritual growth and transformation in 2020!

A free-will offering will be gratefully accepted.

*If you are on the Path to Membership, attending four of these classes will fulfill your prerequisite to attend the Membership Class.

Classes include:

Christian Themes

Michele Coles

Sunday Jan 26 1-3

Saturday Oct 10 10-12


A Smorgasbord of Prayer

Mary Lee Boesewetter

Thursday, February 20

7-9 pm


A Smorgasbord of Meditation

Mary Lee Boesewetter

Thursday, March 5

Thursday, October 29

7-9 pm


Prayer and Meditation

Michele Coles

Saturday March 21 10-12

Sunday August 9   1-3


5 Principles

Michele Coles

Saturday May 2 10-12


Science and Spirituality

Greg Skuderin

Tuesday, July 7

7-9 pm


Metaphysical Bible

Michele Coles

Sunday July 12 1-3


History of New Thought and Unity

Michele Coles

Sunday Sep 20 1-3


"I enjoyed the presentation of such complex and beautiful concepts in an understandable way." -A class attendee.


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