Save My Seat!

Our doors had to close, yet our hearts remained open. We keep connected through livestream services and multiple outdoor and virtual activities. Visit our Connecting as Community page anytime for an updated list of events.

Rev. Joanne asked for photos, and there were many responses. Yet our Sanctuary remained empty. Could a connection be made with photos and an empty Sanctuary?

Sandra Buescher thought so. One day she stopped in to check on the fresh produce growing in our Tower Garden. (Click here for more information on the Tower Garden.) She thought the Sanctuary seemed lonely, so she printed out some of the pictures sent to Rev. Joanne and taped them to seats where she remembered seeing the person sitting. 

Greg Skuderin took pictures and shared them with the Marketing Committee, and the seeds of Save My Seat! were planted.

We will be taking individual photos of the chairs with photographs and posting them on this page with the participant’s name. If you don’t see your picture here, you can email one to Please include your name. If you have a favorite seat, please indicate which section and row, and we will tape it there. Every effort has been made to match photos with correct names and spelling. If any occurred, please accept my apology and send an email to the address above.

The Bible teaches us that states of suffering and endurance are temporary, and "this shall come to pass."  (Gen. 9:14 KJV)

Join us to show your commitment to Unity Spiritual Center Westlake by asking to Save My Seat!

This is a work in progress. Stop back soon to see more photos!


Save my Seat!




Rev. Joanne Rowden





Zorianne & Michael Alexander





Susan Armstrong





Gerri Asbury

Vivian Baithe





Kathy Beckwith


 Ted and Terri Brewer

Sandra Buescher  





Gail Bunce





Jan Casey-Liber 

Kat Catts 





Virginia Collins





Denise Demmitt





Janet Fodor 

Sally Follett 





Donna Foote


 Charles and Barbara Forsyth





Jim & Deb Larsen


Brian & Kathy Lowery,

grandchildren Piper & Sydney


Shirley, Madam Bebe, John MacFarland





Joe McChrystel 





Joyce Ochoke





Jac Pearl





Peggy Ryel 





Margie Samosky 





Devon Smith





Jessie StChristopher





Anita Stefanin                  





Linda Szulc                            




Marilyn Voelkerding



Kate Zirkle with her cat, her dog Molly