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Please support USC's Capital Campaign for a New Roof. Set your intention or donate today!

Raise the Roof, Raise Our Consciousness

Update: The new roof is completed, but we still need you to help complete our payment.
Many thanks to those of you who have pledged and for your generous donations.

Unity Spiritual Center is more than a physical space where people gather to learn, pray, and grow. It is a community of people who share the knowing that the Christ is alive and well within us all.

We are blessed with beautiful buildings and grounds. As stewards of these facilities, we need to make investments in repairs and maintenance. The roof on the north wing of our building has served our Center well for many years and is now in need of replacement. We are embracing the idea of full participation from our congregation in helping to finance this project. Every contribution received is welcomed and appreciated. No gift is too large or too small to benefit our Center.

Let's keep the Unity Spiritual Center buildings and grounds in their best condition now and for years to come. The Divine Presence of Spirit surrounds us as we joyfully say yes! to Raising Our Consciousness.

Frequently Asked Questions:

​What is the total dollar amount goal for the Raise the Roof campaign? Our goal is to raise $50,000 to pay for the completion of the roof replacement on the north wing of our building.

When will construction be started and completed? We are hoping that the contractor will begin the work before the end of October 2022 and complete it shortly thereafter.

What happens if we do not meet our campaign fundraising goal? Unity Spiritual Center is blessed to have a modest financial reserve. If we do not reach our goal for pledges and donations for this project we will still proceed with the work, using our current assets to make up the difference.

How long is the pledge commitment? We are asking for people to make contributions as they are able. This can take the form of a one-time payment or monthly or quarterly pledges. We suggest a one-year pledge commitment, but if one's budget necessitates a longer term we are grateful for any and all donations.

Does my pledge for Raise the Roof take the place of my normal giving? We know that sometimes people's budgets do not allow for significant increases in expenses. Unity Spiritual Center is no different than a household in that we must meet our monthly financial commitments. Even when large capital expenditures are needed, the routine monthly expenses do not change. We still need to receive weekly and monthly donations to meet these routine expenses. We ask that everyone gives from a place of Prosperity Consciousness and contribute what their heart guides them to do.

​How do I contribute? You can contribute by completing a Pledge Commitment Form indicating the amount of your total pledge and the payment method of your choice. All pledges will be used specifically to finance the Raise the Roof project.

Ready to Pledge your Commitment?

Please click here for a copy of the Raise the Roof Commitment form. Copies are also available in Unity Hall on Sundays. 

Ready to Donate?

It's easy to set up a one-time or recurring donation. Please click any donation button, then select Raise the Roof from the drop-down menu under Give. Under Frequency, select either one-time or regularly from the drop-down menu.

You maintain control of your recurring donation. To make changes you can call Unity or log into your account. Call Unity at 440-835-0400 or email Kathy Ginter in Accounting at accounting@unityspiritualcenter.com. To log into your account, click on any donation button, then select Login (top right-hand corner of the page).

You'll find a donate button in the top right corner of every page on our website.



The amount shown is the total of money donated and collected from pledges.

Goal Received % of Goal as of Date
 $ 50,000   100%  
 $ 45,000   90%  
 $ 44,838     9/29/2023
 $ 44,706     9/8/2023
 $ 44,522     8/29/2023
 $ 44,486     8/25/2023
 $ 43,739     5/8/2023
 $ 43,645     2/3/2023
 $ 44,317     1/13/2023
 $ 44,287     1/4/2023
 $ 44,011     12/27/2022
 $ 40,117   80% 12/7/2022
 $ 39,685     12/2/2002
 $ 39,518     11/25/2022
 $ 35,000      
 $ 33,438   66.87% 11/18/2022
 $ 30,000      
 $ 25,000      
 $ 20,000      
 $ 15,000      
 $ 10,000      
 $   5,000      
 $   1,000