Marilyn Voelkerding Biography

Hello, Marilyn Voelkerding here.  I have been invited to run for Trustee.

I am 64 and married.  I enjoy community, artistic expression, and nature.   I have studied floral design.   I have a BA in Business Administration with a Specialization in Accounting.  I currently work at a non-profit that helps lower-income home owning residents of Cuyahoga County with home repairs.

I would live in Germany if the opportunity presented itself.   I love medieval villages - the architecture is so beautiful.  If there were not Unity folk in my village, then I would start a study group!   

I believe we are Creator.  The lessons of many spiritual folk - Myrtle, Charles, and Joanne (to name a few) have enriched my life.  I often set the intention to be love in action.  Often, I enjoy standing back and seeing what Creator is doing. 

I see our Center as welcoming, spiritually growing, and thriving.  I also see our building and grounds well maintained, safe, and beautiful.  I would enjoy being a Trustee.

Blessings of peace and joy,