Margie Samosky Biography



Hello everyone, my name is Margie Samosky and the main reasons I have agreed to be a nominee for the Board are because;

I love Unity 

I love everything about Unity 

Unity and a 12-step program have changed my life.

I've been attending here for 20 years. I'm a divorced mother of a 51-year-old son named Rick. I'm self employed as a caregiver for 15 years and I've owned and operated three very different kinds of businesses.

Currently I'm a prayer chaplain. For 13 years I ran the bookstore here and barely missed a Sunday. I truly loved working there. I've been on the fall program committee, hosted classes at my home and even cooked and cleaned for our dinner dances. I've organized and hosted three sacred events. I've studied many of the classic Unity books and took all the basic classes and many others taught by Rev. Stan and Barbara, Rev. Joanne, Laverne Wilson, Marylee Boesewetter, and many others. I've absorbed like a sponge everything Unity has to offer.

I've financially supported the buying of these chairs and the building of this Unity hall. While I'm not yet sure of what skills I have to bring to the Board, I do have 20 years of experience of things that have and haven't worked. I do have some ideas for things I would like to be brought back here like drum circles and solstice and equinox celebrations. I'd like to thank the nominating team and Rev Joanne. I thank you for listening and trust that whomever is chosen will be the right person. 

God bless.