Kristin Harwell Biography

Hello, my name is Kristin Harwell and I have accepted the request to possibly serve you, the Unity Community, on the next iteration of the Board of Trustees. A little about me: my wife, Tavia, and I live in Lakewood, Ohio with our daughter Alanna, who is a freshman at Magnificat High School, and our two dogs. We moved to Cleveland in 2016 from San Jose, California, and my son, Barrett, currently lives with his wife Alyssa in San Francisco. By trade, I am an IT Project Manager, specifically for new build hotels in the US and Mexico.

We began attending around June of 2016 and immediately began performing our sacred service, those things that were ours to do. I was able to help move forward the effort to start livestreaming services on Sundays. On 6/11/2017 we launched our first livestream and have been broadcasting every week since. The same year sacred service took me over to the Marketing Team. After a lot of strategy and planning, I was able to formulate a team of amazing people that took, for example, USC’s Facebook following from 540 people to over 2,000 followers in one year. Today, our social media presence remains a critical tool for communications and community outreach.

I also helped lead the charge in migrating the church management platform to the current one we have today, Planning Center as well as implementing Google for Non-Profits. In 2018 I spearheaded the launch of ‘Gourmets for God’, a hugely successful fundraiser that raised over $5,000 in its inaugural year. Most recently I helped launch the Concierge team and in 2020 coordinated the Mask Makers, a team of amazing women that created and delivered masks to those in our community who needed them.

Needless to say, it’s been a busy 4 years, but everything that has been mine to do has always had the best interest and sustainability of Unity Spiritual Center in mind. Becoming a member of the Board of Trustees feels like a natural progression of what is mine to do. I thank you for your consideration.