Kathy Lowery Biography

Hi, my name is Kathy Lowery. I have been a member of USC for 20 years. Many of you may know me, I recently retired from the Business Office at USC. I am a Team Leader for the Community Development Group and am a member of the Youth and Family and the Concierge Team. I have also been involved in Gourmets for God, Fundraising, the Worship, Visioning and Marketing Teams. As a result of working in the Business Office, I was able to see the operations of our Center up close. Working directly with three different ministers has also given me insight and perspective surrounding our phenomenal mission. 

I am happily married to Brian Lowery, also a member of USC.  I have four adult children and three grandchildren, and I come from a large family. I feel that family is important, and have learned from my personal life, that families come in many forms. Children who come to our Center are from many diverse family situations. I want our children and their families to feel welcome and experience many opportunities to grow at our Center.

I have participated in most of the fall program book studies and have been able to apply many of the teachings into my daily spiritual practice. USC’s mission, vision, and core values are close to my heart.  My life has been enriched because of practicing the five principles of Unity!  I have been praying with my prayer partner five days a week for over five years and have experienced many positive results because of affirmative prayer and positive thinking.

When asked to run for the Board of Trustees, I said yes because I want to use my skills to help guide our Center in a post-pandemic world. I believe we can accomplish much, because we have such a dynamic membership, including dedicated sacred servers and a minister who gives 100% of her energy to our community.  I would also like to continue to focus my efforts on helping to develop a stronger community of members at USC. Also, I would continue to support the Youth and Family Ministry.

If I am elected a Board Member, I will be eager to hear from you, listen, and respond to your specific concerns and ideas. Together, we can continue to see our Center flourish.

Thank you for your kind consideration.