Fall Program 2021 Weekly Topics

Fall Program 2021

Sunday Service weekly themes and chapters covered

The Way of True Power
September 26 thru October 3                 Chapters 1 thru 3

We are inherently resilient. The great work of our life is to evolve our natural-born resilience into its full divine potential. The universal spiritual principles that form our foundation from maximizing our spiritual potential are the keys to life mastery.


Spiritual Apprenticeship

October 3 thru October 9              Chapters 4 thru 5

An apprentice seeks a master and enters into a system of training.  Apprenticing yourself to the twelve powers promises to fortify you to meet and overcome the challenges of life victoriously.


Spiritual Mastery: First Steps
October 10 thru October 16           Chapters 6 thru 9
Powers: Faith, Strength, Understanding and Power

Faith gives us the grit to follow our dreams in the face of obstacles and setbacks. 
Strength empowers us to walk upright in the world, unstopped by fear.

Understanding supports us in seeing through circumstances to empowering Truth.

Power is the creative energy that fuels us into action.


Spiritual Mastery: Design Stage

October 17 thru October 23           Chapters 10 thru 12
Powers: Love, Imagination and Wisdom

Love is a power that heals, harmonizes and energizes as we access One Love.

Imagination allows you to create from the Divine Palette.

Wisdom flourishes in the matrix of learning from our experiences and divinely cultivated love and understanding.


Spiritual Mastery: Editing Stage

October 24 thru October 30           Chapters 13 thru 15
Powers: Will, Order and Release

Will empowers us to seek, and then act on divine guidance.

Order is sorting out the kind of energy that focuses on right outcome, action and priorities.

Release can and will erase the life diminishing beliefs, attitudes, perceptions and habits from our consciousness.


Unstuck and Unstoppable

October 31 thru November 6         Chapters 16 and 17
Powers: Zeal and Life

Zeal creates a learner mindset in which the freedom of spirit is released generating courage, optimism and enthusiasm.

Life is the spiritual energy that propels all form into action.


The Empowered Life

November 7 thru November 14               Chapters 18 thru 20

Passion is the divine fuel of joyous accomplishment and resilience

Discipline allows you to master life rather than it mastering you.

Committed practice of these 12 Divine Ideas empowers us to maximize our spiritual potential and our lives.