Fall Program 2021 Study Guide


Fall Program Study Guide



Week 1 ·············································· The Way of True Power

Week 2 ··············································· Spiritual Apprenticeship

Week 3 ········································· Spiritual Mastery: First Steps

Week 4 ······································ Spiritual Mastery: Design Stage

Week 5 ······································ Spiritual Mastery: Editing Stage

Week 6 ·············································· Unstuck and Unstoppable

Week 7 ··················································· The Empowered Life


Week 1

The Way of True Power

(Chapters 1 – 3)

“Resilience is rooted in a tenacity of spirit – a determination to embrace all that makes life worth living even in the face of overwhelming odds. When we have a clear sense of identity, we are more resilient because we can hold fast to our vision of a better future.” Wisdom Commons

“Resilience: Buoyancy; the power or ability to recover readily from illness, depression, adversity; the ability to recover from or adapt to change or misfortune.” Dictionary.com

Key Ideas

1. We are inherently resilient. The great work of our life is to evolve our natural-born resilience into its full divine potential.

2. The resilience factor is our capacity to move from being a victim to a survivor and then to a thriver.

3. There are universal spiritual principles that form a foundation for maximizing our spiritual potential. They are keys to life mastery. 


1. For the next week each day affirm, “I am the radiant light of God blessing myself and others.” Make it your mantra and notice your energy.

2. Practice, with attention and intention, the four tools of transformation (prayer & meditation, denial & affirmation). Say “no” to thoughts that are not life enhancing and “yes” to thoughts that are (like the affirmation above).

Discussion Questions

1. What does it mean to you to realize and experience that you are inherently resilient?

2. How would you describe your own resilience? Share an example.

3. Who is a model of resilience for you and why?

4. What would a radiant life look like to you?

Journal Reflections


Week 2

Spiritual Apprenticeship

(Chapters 4 & 5)

Apprentice: “…Find that inward symmetry to all outward appearances. Apprentice yourself to yourself; begin to welcome back all you sent away… make yourself a door through which to be hospitable even to the stranger in you.” David Whyte

“Apprentice: One who is learning by practical experience under skilled workers a trade, art or calling.” Merriam-Webster

Key Ideas

1. An apprentice, wanting to learn an art, skill or profession, seeks a master and enters into a system of training. It’s on-the-job training. Perhaps, think of this spiritual system in that way.

2. Jesus chose twelve individuals to enter into a rigorous training program that would lead to spiritual mastery. Each of the twelve had a unique seed skill to bring into its fullest expression.

3. Apprenticing yourself to the twelve powers promises to fortify you to meet and overcome the challenges of life victoriously.

4. Mastery happens slowly and then suddenly you will experience a quantum leap.


1. Choose a power that you don’t want to apprentice yourself to and do it anyway for one week. Notice whatever there is to notice about it.

2. Meditate on the twelve powers this week and journal your experience.

Discussion Questions

1. Reflect for a moment, what have you apprenticed yourself to? A character quality, skill, idea, profession, hero/heroine? Share what you did and what it was like.

2. How have you been changed as a result of your spiritual study and practice?

3. Which of the twelve powers seems to be calling to you now?

4. Share an example of a spiritual teaching that has changed you and, therefore, your life.


Week 3

Spiritual Mastery: First Steps

(Chapters 6 – 9)

“Whatever your age, your upbringing or your education, what you are made of is mostly unused potential. It is your evolutionary destiny to use what is unused, to learn and keep on learning for as long as you live. To choose this destiny, to walk the path of mastery isn’t always easy but it is the ultimate human adventure.” Mastery, George Leonard

Key Ideas

1. Faith gives us the grit to follow our dreams in the face of obstacles and setbacks.

2. Spiritual strength is our spiritual backbone. It empowers us to walk upright in the world, undaunted by temptations to be less than we are, unstopped by fear.

3. Divine understanding can soften our heart and sharpen our mind to see through circumstances to an empowering Truth.

4. Divine Power is the creative energy that fuels all of our other powers into action. 


1. Do one thing this week that you are afraid to do (to nourish your faith power).

2. Speak your truth when it would seem safer not to. (builds strength)

3. Seek to understand in a situation when you want to be understood. (deepens your power of understanding.

4. Take one small step to move forward in some area of your life (exercise, learn something new)

Discussion Questions

1. We can shape ourselves in the form of faith? How would you do that?

2. What is the most important conversation that you need to stop having with yourself? Start having with yourself?

3. What is an example of how spiritual understanding has helped you in a relationship?

4. Share a time when you have felt disempowered by someone or something and a time when you moved forward in your life in the face of all the reasons why not.

Journal Reflections


Week 4

Spiritual Mastery: Design Stage

(Chapters 10 – 12)

“Love releases us into the realm of divine imagination where the soul is expanded and reminded of its unearthly craving and need. Love allows a person to see the true angelic nature of another.” Care of the Soul, Thomas Moore

Key Ideas

1. Love is a power (energy) that heals, harmonizes and energizes because in expressions of authentic love we have accessed the One Love.

2. Your imagination is an architect, designer, and artist. When spiritualized, you create from the Divine Palette and there is nothing more amazing and beautiful.

3. Divine Wisdom flourishes in the matrix of learning from our experiences and divinely cultivated love and understanding. 


1. Put the “children” of love into action this week through generosity, gratitude, compassion, kindness and/or appreciation.

2. To feed your imagination, create a vision board with a picture or pictures of a heart’s desire and put it where you can see it daily.

Discussion Questions

1. What wisdom have you gained from life experiences?

2. Who or what has expanded your capacity to love? How?

3. What vision has your imagination put up on the screen of your mind — one that you acted upon and fed into manifestation?

4. Share a difficult choice you had to make and how wisdom guided your choice (or didn’t).

Journal Reflections


Week 5

Spiritual Mastery: Editing Stage

(Chapters 13 – 15)

“Will is the decision making, directing, choosing faculty of the mind. It is our capacity to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to opportunities and options. The highest expression of will is willingness, conscious consent to the will of God.” Metaphysics 2

Key Ideas

1. As we discipline the creative energy of our will by seeking and then acting on divine guidance, all of our practical as well as spiritual capacities evolve to their highest possible expression.

2. Willingness magnetizes grace and guidance.

3. Divine Order is a sorting out kind of energy that focalizes right outcomes, right action, right priorities.

4. The Power of Release can and will erase, step by step, the life diminishing beliefs, attitudes, perceptions, and habits from our consciousness. We will need life enhancing affirmations to fill the vacuum that release creates. 


1. Start your days this week by seeking God’s Will. Write down what comes to you, act on it and notice the result.

2. Be acutely present to your thoughts and practice releasing any of them that are life diminishing or self-diminishing. Have an affirmation handy and/or turn you focus immediately to something else that is useful.

Discussion Questions

1. Share a time when you (finally) let go of a way of being that was problematic for you.

2. Share an example of synchronicity (divine order) in your life.

3. Share the priorities by which you (actually and for real) order your life. How do they show up in a practical way?

4. Share a time when you felt clearly guided to do something you didn’t want to do, but you became willing. What happened? What did you do or not do?

Journal Reflections


Week 6

Unstuck and Unstoppable

(Chapters 16 & 17)

“To be without zeal is to be without a zest for living. Zeal and enthusiasm incite to glorious achievement in every aim… it is the impulse to go forward.” The 12 Powers of Man, Charles Fillmore

“Life is the faculty of movement, vitality, wholeness and creativity. It is the expression of the pure, eternal life of God in us.” Metaphysics 2

Key Ideas

1. Activated zeal creates a learner mindset. It is freedom of spirit released as a result of spiritual practice and realization of our true divine nature.

2. Zeal generates courage, optimism and enthusiasm.

3. The power of Life is the infinite creative power of spirit in us expressing as vitality and faith and love in action.

4. Life is the spiritual energy that propels all form into action. 


1. Create a goal that energizes you just to think about it and take one small step this week to act on it.

2. Do at least one thing this week that is life-giving to you (it can be very simple).

Discussion Questions

1. Share a time when your zest for life seemed almost depleted. What turned it around?

2. When do you notice zeal expressing in your life?

3. When do you feel most creative? Full of life?

4. Share some of the things that are life-giving to you?

Journal Reflections


Week 7
The Empowered Life
(Chapters 18 – 20)

“Purpose is the reason you journey. Passion is the fire that lights the way.”

 – Anonymous

“A disciplined mind leads to happiness, and an undisciplined mind leads to suffering.” The Art of Happiness, His Holiness, the Dalai Lama

Key Ideas

1. Passion is power and, when it arises from our God-inspired hopes and dreams, is the divine fuel of joyous accomplishment and resilience.

2. Discipline is from the word “disciple” and is the stuff of accomplishment — in this case, growing in spiritual mastery. You master life rather than it mastering you.

3. Spiritual practice and development catapult us into what Charles Fillmore called “the fourth dimension.” Our thinking is more and more on a plane of inspiration.

4. Committed practice of these twelve divine ideas that have been called “powers” empowers us to maximize our spiritual potential and our lives – and to being and making the contribution we are meant to make.


1. Do something you are passionate about this week — something that brings you great joy.

2. Find ways to practice the art of discipline each day this week — in eating, exercising, praying, and meditating, staying connected to God/Your Higher Power.

Discussion Questions

1. Share three things that you are passionate about. What are you doing or have you done to act on them?

2. Share something courageous that you have done and how passion empowered you to act.

3. What does your spiritual fitness program look like/ what is your spiritual discipline?

4. Share a time when your innate resilience empowered you in a significant way.

Journal Reflections