Fall Program 2020 Weekly Topics and Spiritual Practices

See No Stranger: A Memoir and Manifesto of Revolutionary Love

Weekly Topics and Spiritual Practices

See No Stranger: A Memoir and Manifesto of Revolutionary Love, by Valarie Kaur.

Week 1 – 10/4 – Seeing with Wonder – Ch 1 – Faith – Deep Blue

As you orient to the world with wonder, a simple practice can support us in wondering about each person.  As you move through your days this week, practice seeing each person as "Sister, Brother, Aunt, Uncle."  Within your mind, call each person that you meet as that family member.  Or, look upon other people's faces and think, "You are a part of me I do not yet know."


Week 2 – 10/11 – Seeing as Warrior Sage – Ch 2 & 3 – Strength –
Light Green

As you move through the activity of each day, hold the question, "Who do I need to pay attention to in this moment."  This may be a child, a partner, a friend, a coworker, an organization.  When the who becomes clear, ask them, "What do you need?"  Be ready to support them in their response.


Week 3 – 10/18 – Seeing to Understand – Ch 4 & 5 – Understanding – Gold

This week practice deep listening.  If possible, listening deeply to those who you may consider opponents, or those you typically disagree with.  This could be someone in your family, a neighbor, or a friend on social media.  Listen deeply for understanding and not to control the conversation or change someone's mind.  Listen as a way to inform your actions and be open to the possibility of cultivating additional, and sometimes unlikely, allies.


Week 4   10/25 – Seeing Possibility – Ch 6 – Imagination – Light Blue

Take time this week to engage in the power of Imagination.  Imagine the world that you want to see.  Be as specific as possible.  What does this world look like, feel like?  What do systems of care, governance, justice, education, and healing look like?  Take time to write down your vision.  Then consider how you might support such a world emerging.  Who is already doing the work, and how can you support them?  What can you do each day to bring your vision into expression?


Week 5 – 11/1 – Seeing through Reconciliation – Ch 7 & 8 – Renunciation – Russet

Take a few moments each day to slow down and focus on taking one slow breath after another.  Close your eyes, relax your face, loosen your jaw, curl your toes, relax your body.  Experience your breath.  Feel the cold air as you breathe in, and the warm air as you breathe out.  Set the intention to practice this on a daily basis going forward.


Week 6 – 11/8 – Seeing through Practice – Ch 9 – Wisdom – Yell0w

This week you will continue the practice of taking time to breathe each day.  You will add to this the practice of listening to your deepest wisdom, the parts of yourself that are wise, brave and unfailingly loving.  Once you have relaxed through the breath, you can journal, draw, color, create, or simply meditate allowing the stillness to quiet the noise in the world as you listen to the wisest voice within you.


Week 7 – 11/15 – Seeing through Joy – Epilogue – Love – Pink


Make noticing and protecting your joy a daily practice.  Notice how joy feels in your body.  Ask yourself what people, places and actions bring you joy and remind you of what is good and beautiful and worth fighting for.  Start with a gratitude practice for the small things in your life, especially when things are hard.  Share your joy in community.