Eileen Spada Biography


Raised as a Roman Catholic, I was invited by a friend to come to Unity Church in the early 1980s. I liked the service and the Sunday sermons of Reverend Bob Wallet. The idea that God is within and meditating to find peace and answers resonated within me. I saw a glow about the people who attended regularly and decided that I wanted to have that glow as well. I began to attend regularly, and my four children joined the youth and Uniteen programs. In the early 1990s, I became a member, then chairman of the gardening committee, and an original kitchen angel for the first service, a position I held for many years. I have supported and participated in many church activities throughout the years.

A 1972 graduate of Cleveland State University, in Elementary Education, I began teaching Adults, ESL/ESOL (English to Speakers of Foreign Languages), part-time in 1981, for Cleveland’s Adult Education Program. This enabled me to stay home and raise my children, as well as work in my field. This expanded to working a few nights for the former Nationality Services, where I eventually worked with refugees and immigrants from all over the world. I wound up full-time at our program at the original Max Hayes High School. As computers became mainstream, I was certified to teach Microsoft Office, and became the Computer Room Administrator instructor, for all Adult Ed programs. Besides leadership roles with my peers, I became an expert in my fields of ESL and computers, giving presentations on the local and state levels at conferences.

I attained a Master of Arts in TESOL and Bilingual Education in 2001 and became an evening Adjunct Professor of ESL at Tri-C. Cleveland closed its Adult Ed programming in 2010, and I found myself back in an Elementary School classroom. In addition to teaching Middle School students, I included building leadership responsibilities, attending meetings, and training to teach my peers new methods and modalities. I retired in 2015. Though I continued to substitute and stay active in teaching.

An avid reader, with an open mind and curious nature, I explored metaphysics through the years. I became a healer and am a Reiki Master. I am part of the Reiki team on Monday evenings at Unity. You might see me out in the church gardens, at random times, where I commune with nature and meditate.

Two years ago, I was elected to the Board to complete another person’s term. I am presently serving as Vice President.  As a Board member, you are the representative for various committees, which you report on monthly. I serve the Welcoming, Office Staff, Building, Grounds and Labyrinth committees. This year I took charge of overseeing and taking care of the building: getting the carpets and floors professionally cleaned; updating bathroom facilities; getting estimates and overseeing the installation of a new furnace for the Education wing; getting the sewer outside the Community Room dug up and rerouted; among many other miscellaneous projects to maintain the building during the shutdown. We also had to make some revisions, to pass a reinspection of the Fire Marshall. It has been a challenging, creative year for all. I would like to continue the process of serving, as a Board member, for another three years.