The Cost of Being Human



A two-part series hosted by Holistic Health Family Practice and Healing Services provided by Mary Maynard and the Quantum Living Community Practitioners. Attend one or both sessions in person in Unity's Community Room.

Come back to Community from this pandemic stronger, healthier, and safely connected. 


Part One

Sunday, June 27 (1:00-2:30 p.m.) The act of mourning renews our humanity.

Making do and overcoming are stressful survival skills and lead to depletion. Anxiety, irritability, isolation, tightness in the throat, absent mindedness, oversleeping and a deep sadness are common. Many of us experienced a loss of a loved one, a job, income, or even a sense of self definition in the wake of such change. Lost opportunities to be with family and friends stacked up as the months went by. Recognize, share and more deeply understand the effects of the past sixteen-month changes in your life. Know your truth and take a step from mourning to morning.


Part Two

Sunday, August 1 (1:00-5:00pm)

An open discussion with deeply skilled Quantum Living Community Practitioners will give you an opportunity to match up the strategy that may best serve you in the rejuvenation of your body, mind and spirit. The practitioners represent art therapy, shamanic reiki, yoga/meditation, nutrition, physical therapy, hypnosis, crystals and more. Sign up for a 30-minute individual treatment session where you may meet one-on-one or in a longer small group setting with your chosen practitioner to explore and renew.

Registration is required for Part Two.

This is the general sign up for Part Two. All appointments will be scheduled the day of with your chosen practioner or group practice.



This series is free of cost as a contribution to the Human Community.  

Free Will offerings to Unity Spiritual Center are welcomed.

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