May 17th, 2020 Sunday Service Message: Twelve Powers Dyad – Will & Understanding

Change Can Be Good

This week, Rev. Joanne continues with the fourth talk of her six-part series based on the book The Twelve Freedoms1 by Unity minister Phillip Pierson.  Discussing what Pierson calls the “Executive” dyad of Will & Understanding, she reminds us that as intelligent, sentient beings, we have the ability to choose our thoughts – to “change our minds.”

May 10th, 2020 Sunday Service Message: Twelve Powers Dyad – Strength & Order

What You Do Today Can Shape Your Tomorrow

Human language is a very interesting thing.  There are many words that are spelled the same and pronounced the same, but depending on context carry different meanings; these are called homographs (as opposed to homophones which are pronounced the same but have different spellings such as too, two, and to).  The Twelve Powers are all certainly homographs.


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