August 8, 2021 Sunday Service Message - Sing a New Song

Music Heals

Michele Cole’s presentation called “Sing a New Song” was a joy to hear because she certainly knows what she’s talking about. In the talk, Michele mentioned the joy she experienced being in the USC choir. I was in the choir with Michele several times and always wanted to stand next to her. She has a beautiful voice and sings on key (that’s why I needed to be by her), but more importantly, she sang with her whole being. Just as she described in her talk, the experience raised the vibration of all the singers, and of the congregation when we performed.

The second remarkable thing about her talk was that she took a concept we’ve heard before and infused it with new life. That’s the precise reason why we come to a service at USC. We need to be reminded of what we know but have lain aside for one reason or another. She described how words are consciousness, yet they take on a higher vibration when woven into music.  Music heals us, changes us, transforms us, and makes us into something new.

Michele reminded us that Unity co-founder, Charles Fillmore, in Revealing Word, a powerful book in Unity studies, said “singing, praising and thanksgiving are great building impulses of man. Never repress the desire to sing.”

She also mentioned that there are 400 references and 50 direct messages about singing in the Bible. Who knew?!

 Music can be a great healing balm. Michele shared a poignant story about how the family of a beloved friend who had died, asked her to put together a playlist for the memorial service. She went through the grieving process listening to the songs, but over time, she moved into a higher realm of consciousness where the playlist became a way to joyfully remember the friend who died.  That’s the kind of divine order one experiences when one is on a lifetime spiritual quest like Michele.

The part of the brain used for singing differs from the part used for speaking. That’s why setting words to music creates a new vibration and a new experience of the meaning of the words. Michele explained how she consciously raises her own vibration by singing throughout the day.  She also chooses music carefully for different activities. A favorite for walking is “The Greatest Showman Remix.”

Michele encouraged the audience to “change the thought, word or song to something that is worth singing.” 

Michele’s talk “Sing a New Song” was a heartfelt and inspiring message to use our language and voices more consciously to change ourselves and the world.


Terri Brewer