August 22, 2021 Sunday Service Message: The Discipline of Will

The Discipline of Will

The way I interpret and internalize the Sunday speaker talk at USC differs week to week. Sometimes the talk inspires me with an over-arching message that expands my mind and perhaps begins a new neural pathway. I don’t remember specifics, but the idea of it stays with me. Other talks are educational. I delight in the never-ending layers of Unity metaphysics and leave the service intending to study more. Some talks, like Donna’s final talk on Stoic philosophy, which surprisingly led into a deeper look at Unity’s power of Will, gave me specific concepts to think about and work on in the future.

I’m sure I’m not the only long-term member of the Unity movement that when the 12 Powers are brought up, occasionally thinks “not those again, can’t we have something new?” That’s when Spirit laughs and tells me that I may know the 12 Powers, but I sure don’t have them down pat yet even after all these years.

Donna’s talk was lovely, and I so appreciate how she shares her real-life personal and family experiences to illustrate her points.  My takeaway from the talk was the depth about the power of Will, which I’ve outlined below:

The power of Will works hand in hand with the power of Understanding.

The power of Understanding quickens the power of Will.

What does that mean? It means that when we understand something more deeply through inspired knowledge or just allowing Life to show us the way, our power of Will becomes stronger. We find the courage to change or move in a new direction. Will strengthens confidence.

Will, strengthened by Understanding, gives us the confidence to know at our deepest level that we are in Divine Mind.

There is a big difference from thinking that you’re part of Divine Mind – and knowing it. These 12 powers, especially Will and Understanding, give us the confidence to evolve from thinking to knowing.

We have conscious contact with the Divine available to us when we choose it. When we’ve immersed ourselves in the study of the 12 Powers and our faith has deepened, it becomes easier to choose because we have the confidence (faith) that it’s the best thing we can do.

Donna said that the highest expression of human will is willingness. All we must do when coming to Spirit in prayer, is to be willing.  Surrender to the power of Will within us, knowing that we are irrevocably a part of Divine Mind. When that is difficult, we simply pray to be willing to be willing.


Terri Brewer