August 15, 2021 Sunday Service Message - The Discipline of Action

Persistence and Flexibility

Donna van Oosten’s second talk on ancient Stoic philosophy and how it complements modern day Unity philosophy was intriguing. I appreciate the spiritual teachers who research the evolution of our Unity movement and its principles.

She began with the Stoic idea that “there is no good or bad without us, only perception.” That statement certainly resonates with universal Truth. How many times in our lives do we judge something based on our perception, only to find out how wrong we were!

Another Stoic idea phrased differently but in line with Unity is that “persistence and flexibility will act in the best interests of our goals.”

Donna told the story of Amelia Earhart’s willingness to be very flexible in the early days of her dream to become an aviator, and how it made all the difference.

My favorite part of Donna’s talk was the introduction of the principles of the Creative Process, which dovetail well with Stoic and Unity teachings. If in your life at this time, there are great decisions to be made and directions to be considered, this process from “Heart-Centered Metaphysics” by Paul Hasselbeck, will impel you toward success.

I’d read them before but it’s a great process, so I intend to put it into action again. “The process is about doing the right things, right now. Spiritually. Humankind has access to the seed ideas of Divine Mind,” Donna reminded us.


1ST.: “Let there be Light” the Divine Illumination of Understanding.

2nd:   Faith: a firm place in the mind. We commit totally to the spiritual truth despite appearances, God is Good as our Divine Inheritance.

3rd:   Imagination:  Our highest good, taking Shape and Form.

4th:   Understanding and Will:  We pray for an understanding heart; we follow Divine Will; we manifest.

5th:   Judgement:   Our ability to discern.  The power of Judgement helps us know how to use what we know. 

6thWisdom and Love:  When wisdom and love are unified in the individual consciousness a person is a master of ideas and brings forth under the original creative law.

Donna elaborates on these in her talk. If you bravely want to try the process, listen to her archived talk and/or read the Hasselbeck book.

Both Stoic philosophy and the Unity philosophy integral to “Heart-Centered Metaphysics” remind us of these critical Truths about our essential nature:

  • All things are first created in mind.
  • Divine ideas turn into manifestation.
  • Ideas take form and shape in substance.

The really cool thing about this talk, is that these concepts also integrate beautifully with our upcoming Fall Program book, “Adventures in Resilience”, by Sharon Connors. In her book, she quotes Anais Nin, “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”

Stick with Unity and USC to uncover the secrets of the universe that will make a huge difference in your life!


Terri Brewer














The Obstacle is the Way Ryan Holiday


There is no good or bad without us, there is only perception, Stoic


“With persistence and flexibility, we’ll act in the best interest of our goals.”

Amelia Earhart 1920’s a great aviator took a job as a social worker

The man on the line…

  • Someone willing to fund the first female transatlantic flight
  • 1st choice backed out
  • You won’t get to fly the plane
  • Two men as chaperones
  • We will pay the men a lot of money
  • You won’t get any thing
  • You could die


1932 First woman to fly non-stop across Atlantic

Painted the words “Always think with your stick forward”

Let up on flying speed and crash!

“We delay when we should initiate, Shocked when nothing happens.”

“The process is about doing the rights things, right now.”

“Each and every task requires our best”

Right Action-unselfish, dedicated masterful, creative.


“We will not be stopped by failure, we will not be rushed or distracted by external noise.” Pg.77

Excellence is a matter of steps.  Just one clean movement after another.” 


The process is the voice that demands we take responsibility and owner ship.

The process is about doing the right things, right now. Spiritually

Humankind has access to the seed ideas of Divine Mind.

Mental activity in Divine Mind/Conception of Divine Idea/Expression of Idea!

Wisdom is the “masculine” nature of Being   EXPRESSIVE

Love is the “feminine” side of Being   RECEPTIVE-The Divine Idea (Christ)

Birthing the Christ, birthing love, being love!


Right Action as Poise and Power-Myrtle

Poise as a dignified, self-confident, composure.

Power as in the 12 Powers, the abilities of the Christ we carry.

7th: The Sabbath “the Father abiding in me doeth his works” (Jn 14:10)

And God looked upon all that He had made; and indeed, it was very good.   Genesis 31