2022 Fall Program

Welcome to Our 2022 Fall Program

Each year, Unity Spiritual Center engages in a Fall Program as an entire community through Sunday messages and small group conversations. This program offers opportunities for discussions that are educational, uplifting, and fun while providing a safe environment to explore and develop your spirituality.

Small groups meet weekly at individuals' homes, at USC, or on Zoom. There is no cost for attending the groups. Free will love offerings will be gratefully received. 

The 2022 Fall Program begins Sunday, September 18, and will run until Saturday, November 5. We will take a deep dive into the book Unity and World Religions by Rev. Paul John Roach. 


Information about Rev. Roach and Unity and World Religions

Please click here ... to watch a YouTube video titled "Unity Books Presents Unity and World Religions."

Please click here ... to watch a YouTube video titled "Unity and World Religions with Rev. John Paul Roach."

Please click here ... for information about Rev. Paul John Roach.


Book Purchase Information

Please click here ... for information about the book and ways to purchase the book.


Host/Facilitator Information

Host/facilitator registration dates are Sunday, June 19, through Sunday, July 31.

Host/facilitator training is Sunday, September 11, 12:30 p.m. – 2 p.m. in the Spirit Room.

Please return here for Host/facilitator information.


Participant Information

Registration for the Fall Program runs from Sunday, August 14, until Sunday, September 18.

Fall Program runs from Sunday, September 18, through Saturday, November 5.

Choose between groups offered in person (at Unity or at the Host's home), on Zoom, or on our Facebook Community Page!

Please click here ... for information on registering to participate in the Fall Program.

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Closing Ceremony and Community Meal Information

Fall Program Closing Celebration and Community Meal is Saturday, November 5, from 5:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m in Unity Hall.

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